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With the 2015 season opener approaching we can offer fantastic on car branding opportunities to support one of the UK’s hottest and up and coming female racing drivers, whilst at the same time securing some excellent TV advertisement opportunities for your organisation.

Jessica King is a 17 year old young lady, who will embark on her adult race career on the 4 April, 2015.  After having many successful years in different formula's, there is a lot of excitement and media interest around Jessica as the series only female driver.

Jessica has received excellent endorsements from professional racing drivers such as Tom Onslow Cole, who is the number one driver for Bentley works Motor Sports team in their GT continental and Phil Glew who is a TV presenter and renowned Clio Cup Championship winner. Jessica is very well known for her overtakes and holds the highest amounts of overtakes in the junior career that she has.  This will have a direct impact on the TV coverage that your organisation will be exposed to with the branding on the car.  Jessica is hotly tipped to take the podium as a senior and part of the process of gaining podium wins is that Jessica will be interviewed on TV, where sponsors/supporters will be endorsed.   There will also be TV coverage of the car whilst the camera shoots the many overtakes that Jessica is known for.
The Racing is the Class D Fiesta - ztech  S Championship and is the Newest BRSCC formula. This season there will be 2 new drivers competing who are coming from the  British Touring car's. The touring car series have such organisation advertising as E Bay and Airwaves. In the Class D Fiesta - ztech S series there are eight rounds, which are televised in a 30 minute TV show that is shown on Sky TV, Virgin TV and Freeview. approximatly 2 weeks after each round.  To give you some sort of insight into the coverage around Jessica being a female driver, in the Donnington Round of the Junior Compertition last year Jessica had 20 minutes of TV coverage within the 30 minute show, which would be an excellent TV advertisement for your organisation.  In addition to this as Jessica has a brand new race car for this year, the car will also be utilised at shows such as the NEC and Motor Sports Show, to be held at the beginning of next year.  Again, this will be a great opportunity for the promotion of your organisation. Off the track Jessica studies at Silverstone University Technical College where she is exposed to some extraordinary networking opportunities within the motor sports industry.

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