Jessica King

Jessica King - My Story



Since passing GCSE's my education has led me to study business and technical events management at Silverstone UTC. I have always loved being in and around motorsport and having the opportunity to study right beside the track (located on the national pits straight) was something I could not miss! With the course finishing in the summer of 2016 and I am working hard and to the best of my ability to achieve the best grades.

Motorsport - Where it all started

I started karting in 2009 at the age of 12 at Sutton in the Elms, which is a karting track close to where I used to live (Broughton Astley). Firstly I started to regularly go on track in their corporate karts with my Dad (Alan Hunt); both he and my mum (Donna Hunt) set me goals to reach, for example I had to reach 39.00 seconds a lap or under in the corporate karts to be able to get my own kart. After I had achieved this I was lucky enough to be bought my own kart, which was a Birel Easykart UK so that I could practice and get up to race standard in preparation for the next season.

I started my first season in Easykart UK half way through 2011 and continued to race in the junior category until the end of 2013. There were approximately 30 karts on the grid each season and towards the end I was finishing in the top 10, which was my goal. This then meant I could race in seniors or move onto car racing. I decided to start looking around and researching different junior series. This then lead me to test in a Ginetta, which was a very enjoyable experience, but I wanted to look around to make sure I was putting myself into the correct series for my career.

From Kart to Car

I visited the Autosport show in 2014 and met Daniels Motorsport (who are now the team that I run with), who showed me around the Fiesta Junior car and gave me information on the series. We then went to Kent to visit Pete Daniels and decided to buy the previous years championship-winning car to compete in the Fiesta Junior Championship. 2014 was my debut year in the Fiesta Junior Championship (FJC) and I finished 5th overall out of 12. I had an extremely interesting year and was able to work with some great people such as Chaz Small, Olly Allen, Phil Glew, and Tom Onslow-Cole. I loved the atmosphere in the Fiesta Junior championship and learnt a lot from all of the other drivers on track as well as off track. Daniels Motorsport (the team I ran with) did an excellent job on maintaining and improving my car and supported me from start to finish.

Moving Forward

As I am 17 turning 18 I am too old for a junior series therefore I am now moving forward and starting my adult race career in the D class Zetec S Fiesta championship, continuing with my team, Daniels Motorsport. I'm grateful for all the support I've received so far and am determined to keep working hard for an exciting future in motorsport!